Research interests:  Subsurface radar sounding,  EM simulations,  Jupiter radio noise,  JUICE mission,  Relativistic positioning systems

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I am a PhD student at the Remote Sensing Laboratory of the University of Trento, where I work on the physics and design of planetary radar sounders. I am also a part of the team working on the RIME instrument (Radar for Icy Moons Exploration) of ESA's upcoming L-class mission to the Jupiter system, JUICE. My postal address is:

Dept. of Information Engineering and Computer Science,
University of Trento,
Via Sommarive, 5,
38123 Trento, Italy.

Alternatively, you may contact me by e-mail at:

christopher.gerekos (at)

My office is Open Space 3 (Office 257), in the Povo-1 building.

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